Steve ArikAn award winning comedy club veteran of over 25 years, Steve Arik has built a solid reputation as a consistent crowd favorite. With a look and a style that would appear more at home on a classic rock concert stage, Steve Arik stands out doing stand-up. His adult humor can border on explicit, without being offensive. His endearing, charismatic stage presence allows him to delve into most any topic, while maintaining his likeability. His experience and professionalism allow him to read an audience and deliver what they want.

His act has been described as “Sick, Perverted, Hilarious.” “Steve Arik says the kinds of things that most of us think, but few have the guts to say out loud.”

Steve points out, “Some clubs bill my act as X-rated. But that isn’t accurate. There is rarely penetration or full frontal nudity. I talk about the things that I can relate to— sex, drugs, rock and roll. My show is like going to see a rock concert, without all the loud music.

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